Juvenile Firesetting - A Community Problem


Firesetting is a growing problem across the state of Florida. It represents the highest cause of home deaths among children, and the second leading cause of all fatal home accidents.

As a parent, agency, teacher or Florida citizen, you can help decrease the number of juvenile set fires by educating yourself on how these fires affect our communities. Our primary goal is to inform community members on how they can work together with the associated agencies and Florida county Juvenile Firesetter Intervention programs to create a supportive system to reduce the incidences of juvenile firesetting.

Learn more about juvenile firesetting and how as a community we can have a positive influence:

Mission Statement

Our Mission

The mission of the Juvenile Firesetter Prevention and Intervention Program is to protect communities from the dangers of a juvenile firesetter. Our goal is to identify and engage youthful arson offenders and at risk children and their families and involve them in fire safety prevention, education, and intervention services. Our objective is to reduce juvenile firesetting across the state of Florida. Programs are designed to work in cooperation with the Juvenile Court system and the various counseling and mental health agencies in each county.

The "StopFiresetting.com" website is designed to provide an accessible, statewide database and reporting system for juvenile-set fires. We are helping local communities determine the extent of the problem and helping policy makers, social service and public safety agencies direct resources to serve child firesetters and their families more efficiently.

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